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  • Media: One objective of this organization is to connect U.S. workers to the media.
  • Class Action: You would assist The Programmers Guild by applying for jobs as directed. Then if the Guild brought a class action you would share in the damage award.
  • H-1b Harm (2000 char max): If applicable, explain how H-1b, L-1, or offshoring has harmed you. If the harm was caused by a specific employer consider naming that employer. This can help the Guild identify class action defendants. (Do not commit libel!!)
  • Professional Profile (5000 char max): Having a public profile puts faces on the Americans that are being harmed. It will be searchable based on criteria.

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    Join the fight against the offshoring of good U.S. jobs and the displacement of Americans by foreign workers on H-1b and L-1 visas. (Membership is open to college students.)

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