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Employment-based Visas

America's highest-skilled workers are being displaced from their professions by employment-based visas:

  • H-1b: Congress has authorized employers to sponsor and hire foreign workers regardless of whether qualified Americans are available to fill the positions. Employers can legally force Americans to train their foreign H-1b replacements as a condition of receiving a severance package.
  • L-1: Congress has authorized employers to bring foreign workers into the U.S. for one year while continuing to pay them their foreign wage level.
  • PERM: Congress has authorized employers to sponsor foreign workers for green cards by simply running a few classified ads and then to find any reason possible to disqualify all American applicants.

U.S. Workers: How becoming a member can save your job

In order to influence Congress we need to show that there are a large number of American degreed and experienced tech workers who are suffering actual harm due to employment based visas and offshoring. Similarly, reporters need to be able to quickly locate American tech workers in their area in order to balance articles that stem from corporate press releases and funded "studies."

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The Programmers Guild has already filed 300 discrimination complaints against H-1b employers. But in order to seek large damage claims, they need a group of plaintiffs that have suffered actual harm. If you select "Will be party to class action" in your profile, the Programmers Guild will notify you of job ads to apply for. If the Guild files a class action suit against that employer, you will be a harmed plaintiff eligible to share in the damages award.

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