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Employment-based Visas

America's highest-skilled workers are being displaced from their professions by employment-based visas:

  • H-1b: Congress has authorized employers to sponsor and hire foreign workers regardless of whether qualified Americans are available to fill the positions. Employers can legally force Americans to train their foreign H-1b replacements as a condition of receiving a severance package.
  • L-1: Congress has authorized employers to bring foreign workers into the U.S. for one year while continuing to pay them their foreign wage level.
  • PERM: Congress has authorized employers to sponsor foreign workers for green cards by simply running a few classified ads and then to find any reason possible to disqualify all American applicants.

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Hire Americans First in the news CBO Report: Foreign Workers in U.S.
The Congressional Budget Office reports US looses $66 billion dollars in 2009 to foreign workers. How is the US ever going to resolve its defict if work continues to be outsourced? Hire Americans First and make the US strong again.

Source: Sent $66 Billion to Home Countries in 2009

Published: Monday, February 28, 2011
H-1b News Article Jared Polis has proposed a start-up visa to entice "foreigners
Congressman Jared Polis has proposed a start-up visa to entice "foreigners with good ideas" to stay in the US. The issue has been gathering steam in Silicon Valley where half of all tech company founders are immigrants, according to Duke University research. "Every day the American economy is losing ground - not to mention high-tech jobs and technologies - to India and China because foreign-born entrepreneurs cannot secure a visa to stay in the US," he said.

Source: BBC News
Author: Maggie Shiels

Published: Thursday, December 31, 2009
Activists/Members in the news The Declining Value of Your College Degree
For decades, the typical college graduate's wage rose well above inflation. But no longer. In the economic expansion that began in 2001 and now appears to be ending, the inflation-adjusted wages of the majority of U.S. workers didn't grow, even among those who went to college. The government's statistical snapshots show the typical weekly salary of a worker with a bachelor's degree, adjusted for inflation, didn't rise last year from 2006 and was 1.7% below the 2001 level.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Author: Greg Ip

Published: Friday, July 18, 2008
H-1b Commentary - pro Silicon Valley pushes for H1B visas
"The H-1B program is good for California and good for the country," wrote San Francisco Chronicle in an editorial today. Speaking out against the provision of the stimulus bill that blocks H-1B hiring by companies which have received federal money....

Source: MSN
Author: not listed

Published: Thursday, April 9, 2009
Offshoring Commentary - opposed US workers are being driven out of the IT business
Employer" posted 22 with $138.00 paid for one project. Insulting is not the half of it. When I turned this creep down, he started spamming me with nastygrams and snide jabs like this one "well, i'm sure you have excellent skills, but in this usa economy, we only use overseas talent at $12 - $15 per hour" Company name (likely phony) Coltor Designs you will need: PERL skills (must have ADVANCED PERL) we will pay $500.00 to $1000.00 hotmail chat preferred or yahoo jakega

Source: online job board

Published: Thursday, April 16, 2009
H-1b Study/Research - opposed Corruption and Greed - Serious Issues with H-1Bs and L1s in Technology Today
I will be writing a series of articles in blogs and in columns through various publications regarding the rapidly unfolding events pertaining to the seriousness of the H-1B non immigrant worker and its effects on undercutting competitive US wages.

Source: Blog
Author: George Moraetes, CISM, CGEIT

Published: Tuesday, January 27, 2009
H-1b News Article USCIS Finds High Rate of H-1B Visa Fraud
USCIS has released it long awaited study of H-1B fraud. Findings indicate an over all fraud of 21%. Computer related professions the most popular category had a fraud rate of 27%.

Source: Legislative Update — October 14, 2008
Author: Federation for American Immigration Reform

Published: Monday, December 8, 2008
Offshoring Commentary - opposed Jobs difficult to outsource
Yahoo Hotjobs has a list of jobs that would be difficult to outsource. So if your vocation is not on the list below, too bad, there must be something wrong with you. You probably need more retraining... Jobs That Are Here to Stay Here are nine jobs that are not likely to be shipped oceans away (source: U.S. Department of Labor): Dental Assistant Pharmacy Technician Fitness Professional Teacher Aide Auto Repair Technician Pet Groomer Plumber Veterinary Assistant Electrician

Source: Yahoo

Published: Sunday, December 7, 2008
H-1b News Article Chrysler tech center workers may have lost jobs to H-1B contractors, union claims
Karen Trevaski worked at Chrylser LLC's technical center in Auburn Hills, Mich., until she was laid off two weeks ago along with 119 other employees. But Trevaski claims that foreign workers with H-1B visas remain on the job at Chrysler, using software systems similar to the one she used to design automotive parts. United Auto Workers Local 412, which represents the laid-off tech workers, is considering whether it should file a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

Source: ComputerWorld
Author: Patrick Thibodeau

Published: Friday, February 15, 2008
H-1b News Article Are H-1B Workers Getting Bilked?
Article exposes how State Farm laid off U.S. software professionals then outsourced the work to Indian consulting firm Patni. Patni then paid the Indian developers on H-1b as low as $12 per hour, and required extensive overtime in other to meet their promised salary of $44,000. The Programmers Guild blog has additional analysis:

Source: Business Week
Author: Moira Herbst

Published: Thursday, January 31, 2008